On Saturday, 7 January 2017 at 13:17:35 UTC, extrawurst wrote:
Hi guys,
the last 2 weeks I jumped on a new toy project: An Alexa Skill written in D.

It is a skill that allows me to voice control my TV receiver with commands like:

Alexa, ask Telly to go to standby
Alexa, ask Telly what is currently running

The project and all the source code sits on github:

I created two new dub libraries that this app uses:

*openwebif-client-d* is the REST api that my receiver speaks.
*alexa-skill-kit-d* is the base class and the types that amazon throws at when the user activated your skill.

you can find the blog post here:

Feel free to share, to spread the word about using D for this fancy new tech.


Very interesting article, thanks for sharing. For your info, you can directly compile linux binaries from windows 10 by using the ubuntu sub system. No need to use vagrant.

Kind regards

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