Pry is a new pragmatic parser combinators library.

(also available on Dub)

It's still in the early stages but I think it might be a good time to gauge some interest.

Two key areas of focus are (compared to say Pegged):
- performance, on par with hand-written code or die
- versatility, generating some goofy parse tree is not a goal, the goal is extraction of data the way the user specifies

For now it contains a modest example of a calculator app and a benchmark inspired by it. The interesting tidbit is that this version already includes an optimization that typically prevents recursive descent parser from falling into exponential behavior.

Future directions:
- actually add grammar layer on top of combinators, it is fancy but useful
- more built-in parsers to play with, including some stuff inspired by std.regex - some goodies for usability, e.g. shortcuts to avoid constructing Stream out of string etc.

Dmitry Olshansky

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