On Saturday, 21 January 2017 at 01:55:54 UTC, Chris Wright wrote:
This would have been the perfect place for you to describe what this project is about.

Pixel Perfect Engine is a 2d graphics system based on SDL and FreeImage. It appears to be tile-based and incorporate a map editor.

It's mainly an engine for retro-styled games that uses fixed point rendering through the CPU (and later on with an OpenCL option) to give a "pixel-perfect appearance" instead of the usual stretched out low-res objects on a hi-res screen as usually seen in unity and other engines. Currently scrolling is done via brute-force, as even my low-end PC is capable of rendering 60+ frames per second, but more CPU intense stuff (like background rotations) will done through backbuffers and barrel-shifting.

While it's mostly tile-based, I'm planning to add options for things like vectoral backgrounds, tile backgrounds for isometric games, also one can generate backgrounds through sprites too.

FreeImage is only used by the editor, the engine itself has a proprietary image format that can store graphical elements and animations at different sizes. The format itself might get its own library if others will see anything in it.

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