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And also stuff like https://github.com/dlang/druntime/pull/1740

I'm curious what is wrong with that?

You have been pushing for premature merged of `return scope` under a premise
that it will be hidden behind a switch and won't affect anyone yet. Now you rush
to adjust druntime to use it

Drilling down in Phobos to make it work with -dip1000, at the bottom are usually calls to core.stdc.*. Without annotating those functions, all progress on -dip1000 comes to a halt.

-dip1000 is designed so that non-dip1000 code can call dip1000 code. Adding these annotations should be benign to existing code. Nothing failed after adding these annotations, either in Phobos which is not (yet) dip1000, nor any of the projects tested, nor any of the test suite.

and require the same from any druntime contributors.

Since druntime is now compiled with -dip1000, and future druntime contributions are not existing code, that is a reasonable expectation.

On the same premise, I am working to get Phobos compatible with -dip1000. Without that compatibility, -dip1000 is pretty much unusable.


It's analogous to druntime and phobos being officially compiled with -dip25, which has been the case for some time now.

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