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Very interesting concept (Probably it's not new, but I never actually used file managers like this). It looks you put much love and effort in it. Damn, you even made packages for many different Linux distros! (I'm always lazy when things come to packaging, so I'm just amazed that you made so many).

Thank you

Why did you not give a link to github repo? I had to search it myself https://github.com/unDEFER/unde

Because it is only mirror and I update it only on releases.

How can I build and run unde myself? I built it via dub build and installed ttf-ancient-fonts, but it still throws exception when I try to run ./unde: object.Exception@source/unde/font.d(714): TTF_OpenFont: Couldn't open /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ancient-scripts/Symbola_hint.ttf

Look source/unde/font.d, there is many "versions" where may be installed these fonts. If you find your paths you can use 'dub build -c "Version"'.
Else you can add own or make symbolic links.

Also you can say your distro and maybe the next time I will make package for you.

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