Hello D Community

Just coming here to inform everyone that our D application for GSoC 2017 was sadly rejected. Unfortunately (for me) it is completely my fault, I failed to fill out one line on one of the three forms that comprised the application. Even more frustrating I went online on the 8th to make sure that everything was in order and I noticed and filled in the offending line. However I must have either failed to hit 'save' or the save itself failed (I will assume the later since that makes me look less incompetent).

To make matters worse I got an automated email from Google at 3am the morning of the deadline warning me, but since I had a particularly busy day at work on the 9th I didn't get a chance to check my email until shortly after noon on Feb 9th. At which point it was too late.

So I want to apologize to the D community for this mix up on my part, and in particular to those who invested time in helping get ready for this year's GSoC and to you students who were looking forward to applying. However, for anyone who did work on the Ideas page that can at least be re-used and we now have a much fuller list.



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