On Saturday, 4 February 2017 at 17:56:55 UTC, Stefan wrote:
in 10 days will be our next Munich D Meetup.
Would be awesome to welcome some of you there.

• 18:00: Get together with Pizza and beer
• 18:45: D and the Cloud, by Ozan
• 19:30: Short Break
• 19:40: Usage of the D Compiler in the Cloud without installation, by Stefan • 20:00: D Heroku Pack + Deploy your own D Web Server within 15 minutes, by Seb

About the Speakers:
• Ozan is a performance lover reimplementing Hana in D. https://github.com/O-N-S • Stefan is a Docker lover. Nothing what he wouldn't put into a Docker image. https://github.com/lindt • Seb is a D lover dreaming about combining biology and D. https://github.com/wilzbach


Yees, we will bring D to the Cloud. Or you could say
"That's one small step for IT, one giant leap for D."

See you in Munich, Ozan (O/N/S)

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