On Tuesday, 14 February 2017 at 23:24:03 UTC, Stefan wrote:
Want to share the outcome of a vivid discussion today at the Munich D Meetup with you.

Installation of a D Compiler is ok-ish. But sometime you don't want to install it. Sometimes you want a very clean compiler-environment. Sometimes you want to compile your projects in the cloud and not on your local PC.

To ease this a bit I drafted Docker Images for the Compilers (dmd, ldc, gdc, sdc) [1]. Based on this you have a clean compilation environment. And you even could use dub with it. No installation anymore.

Want to know how to use it? [2], [3]

The usage examples are in the repo are currently:
- return code - simplest D program for compilation with dmd, ldc, gdc, sdc
 - hello world - simplest D program using phobos
- all_dmd_versions - simplest D program compiled with all available DMD versions
 - dub - simplest dub project
- building dub - building dub with dub as a complex real world use case

Really would appreciate your feedback!

[1] Docker Hub:

[2] Slides:

[3] Github Repo with Examples:

Saw your images and was really happy its always up to date. I might build a vibe.d image upon it with some neccesary dependencies.

Planning to use it with Deis Workflow(Self hosting PaaS aka Open source Heroku: deis.com) with uses k8s and docker under the hood.

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