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Hey Jon, if you're in this thread, are you able to post any of the code that you use for tsv parsing?

Code has been open-sourced: https://github.com/eBay/tsv-utils-dlang

The performance benchmarks showed in the talk are not in the repo, the benchmarks currently listed are from a year ago. I'm planning to update the repo in the next few weeks, probably after the next LDC release.

If there are questions about specific types of things perhaps a thread in General forum would work.


Watched the video some time back, interesting results. Any plans to blog about this? It would be great if you could run them through a profiler too, see why D is so much faster. Would be really worth writing this up, maybe on the D blog.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm pretty close to publishing the benchmarks, they'll go in a doc file in the repository. They weren't quite complete when the meetup happened.

Regarding a blog post - I haven't talked to Mike Parker, if there's interest I'd be open to it.

As to why the tools compare so well - That's a really intriguing question, especially since the tools favor using high level constructs from D / Phobos rather than hand-built data structures or memory management. I have hypotheses, but no sure answers. Some of it likely involves design choices rather than language facilities per se, but even so, it's a good story for D.


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