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Last year, some people booked late and it was full and they had to stay at another hotel.

Maybe someone could post a description of how to get there from the airport. I remember last year there was a detailed description with pictures etc. And beware of Berlin taxi drivers, you might get fleeced. Make sure they have a taxometer and that the taxi license is on display. If in doubt, get out!

Yeah, I believe the pictures are still on the last year's topic. Nothing major has changed regarding transport.

As far as Taxi goes, see the TXL airport plan here: http://www.berlin-airport.de/de/_dokumente/reisende/lageplaene-sxf-txl/2016-12-27-txl-terminals-de-en.pdf

There are two Taxi stations, on the southeast of terminal A, and just in front of terminal C. Usually there's a lot of Taxis there, and in my experience they are all legal. Anywhere else on the airport, you can bet they are dodgy (see http://www.bz-berlin.de/artikel-archiv/die-gierigen-taxifahrer-vom-flughafen-tegel)

This all stands for airport Tegel, I have no experiences with Schönefeld.

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