On 3/2/17 4:33 AM, Chris wrote:
On Thursday, 2 March 2017 at 02:24:50 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:

Last year, some people booked late and it was full and they had to
stay at another hotel.

Maybe someone could post a description of how to get there from the
airport. I remember last year there was a detailed description with
pictures etc. And beware of Berlin taxi drivers, you might get fleeced.
Make sure they have a taxometer and that the taxi license is on display.
If in doubt, get out!

I used the bus + train, it was quite easy. Don't remember the exact stops, but I just used google maps to tell me the info.

I recommend before you arrive, to go into google maps on your mobile device, and store the Berlin map as an offline area, especially if you do not have coverage. Also, you can pre-plan your trip if you know when your plane will arrive and figure out what the bus/train schedule is.

For those not used to the transportation system there, you buy your ticket, and then validate it. If you don't validate your ticket, it doesn't count. I was thrown off that nobody really ever checked my tickets, but I guess you get into trouble if you don't have a validated ticket.

The bus terminal had machines that allowed you to buy the ticket with cash or credit card I believe, and the same machines validate your ticket as well.


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