In short I want Phobos to have an image library and long with it a windowing lib (but lets ignore that last part for now). I welcome people stealing and creating a competing ideas for anything in [0] and [1] that I have.

Alternatively you can also create PR's for anything there as well.
There is also [2] which is the start of my fixed-sized linear algebra library for game development.

Of note is my managed memory concept, it needs a full rewrite. I have yet to be able to use it to its full power with its managers (e.g. data structure knowing when memory is ready to die).

There is a serializer in[1] that could do with a couple of iterations in becoming faster and more feature full.

I will try my best to be available via IRC and on the N.G. but well New Zealand time zones and all that. If you have any questions or want some assistance, hit me up!

Now let's destruct these ideas.

[0] [1]

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