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Hi all,

the DConf hackathon isn’t a hackathon in the traditional sense. It is
intended as a day for _collaboratively_ focusing on long-lasting
problems and pain points in the D ecosystem, planning upcoming features
or DIPs, and creation of a rough roadmap for the next months.
Of course, any D hackers who wish to simply progress their own personal
projects are welcome too!

Experience has shown that in large groups too much time is wasted on
giving a voice to everyone, whereas for tiny groups chances are that it
takes too long to get the ball rolling.
Hence, a group size of four or five D hackers is recommended.

Below you can find a list of themes with a short abstract and a couple
of ideas. The abstracts and ideas are intended to get you started and
guide you. Please feel free to _add your own ideas_ and _add your names_
next to them so that people can ping you (IRC, email, and other IM
handles might be handy as well). Of course, you can add your name to
multiple projects.
On Sunday the first half an hour will be used to finalize the group
forming. All existing groups and persons with an idea, but without a
group can pitch their idea shortly (one minute max, no slides) and thus
find other motivated D hackers.


From the Phobos wishlist:
I am working an a generic SQL database interface. If anybody is interested in helping out I have a small amount of code that shows the general design direction I've taken so far. We can discuss the design and collaboratively hack out a prototype.

The current code is here: https://github.com/LightBender/std.experimental.database.sql

Adam Wilson
IRC: LightBender
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