On Tuesday, 9 May 2017 at 08:18:45 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:

This was a huge success, from the full house, to the great talks, the cameraderie, and to the tsunami of Pull Requests that resulted from Sunday's hackathon!

(Definitely the post-conference hackathon will become a standard part of the schedule!)

I hope everyone who attended had a pleasant journey back home.

And now, back to work! Looking forward to next year.
Yes, thank you everybody, who made this event happen.

Thank you, that it was in D. (short for Germany (Deutschland))
So it was easy to attend coming from Hamburg.

Specially, a big thank you to all the speakers, sharing their D experience.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the first great upcoming D Meet-up in Hamburg :D

Last wish: Please change the text on the home page :)

  DConf 2017 is coming up: May 4-7 in Berlin, Germany.
  Secure your seat before it's sold out!

To something like:
DConf 2017 was a great success, more then ... participants, watch recorded videos here.

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