On Wednesday, 24 May 2017 at 13:39:57 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
Some of you may remember Jon Degenhardt's talk from one of the Silicon Valley D meetups, where he described the performance improvements he saw when he rewrote some of eBay's command line tools in D. He has now put the effort into crafting a blog post on the same topic, where he takes D version of a command-line tool written in Python and incrementally improves its performance.

The blog:


I spent some time fiddling with my own manual approaches to making this as fast, wasn't satisfied and so decided to try using Steven's iopipe (https://github.com/schveiguy/iopipe) instead. Results were excellent.


On my machine:
python takes a little over 20s, pypy wobbles around 3.5s, v1 from the blog takes about 3.9s, v4b took 1.45s, a version of my own that is hideous* manages 0.78s at best, the above version with iopipe hits below 0.67s most runs.

Not bad for a process that most people would call "IO-bound" (code for "I don't want to have to write fast code & it's all the disk's fault").

Obviously this version is a bit more code than is ideal, iopipe is currently quite "barebones", but I don't see why with some clever abstractions and wrappers it couldn't be the default thing that one does even for small scripts.

*using byChunk and manually managing linesplits over chunks, very nasty.

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