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On Sunday, 11 June 2017 at 12:36:19 UTC, 9il wrote:

I ported few large complex Matlab scripts using Lubeck and Mir-Algorithm (closed source).
It works perfectly and results are the same as Matlab original!
All functions from Lubeck was used in this work.
Mir Algorithm has over then 2K downloads, and its downloads rates grows fast.

I wasn't familiar with Lubeck, so thanks for bringing attention to it.

Can I ask why this isn't part of mir?

It uses mir-blas and mir-lapack packages. They are low level and satisfy betterC requirements. Mir is a libraries collection to write more high level easy to use libraries. Mir should provide basic data types, patterns, and low level API.

Lubeck is high level library for scripting like programming. I like that it is located at Kaleidic GitHub. It is very important for D to have successful open source commercial projects. mir-blas, mir-lapack, and Lubeck are sponsored by Symmetry Investments and Kaleidic Associates. Another example is ASDF by Tamedia Digital. BTW, I need to write announce )

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