Am 18.06.2017 um 16:09 schrieb Anton Fediushin:
I am happy to announce the derelict-git2.

derelict-git2 is a dynamic binding to libgit2 v0.25.1 (latest stable release) for the D programming language.

I created it because existing binding[1] is dead as well as high-level wrapper[2]. Dynamic bindings are much easier to use, although they are more complex in development.

Also, I could help if somebody wants to create a wrapper on top of derelict-git2.

Check out project page on dub:
And create an issue on GitHub:


I haven't done anything on the high level wrapper for a while, because I didn't have the need for it, but I wouldn't call it dead. Unfortunately, the two PRs to upgrade to 0.25.1 have slipped past me, though - the one changing the bindings is merged now.

But the thing with libgit2 is that it is extremely annoying how quickly they break the API, especially since many different versions have to be supported at the same time as long as using the system packaged version is supposed to be possible.

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