After a last minute path type redesign, the state of the new vibe-core package now finally feels ready for the first official release. The library is in a pretty good shape, with the notable exception that sockets are not yet implemented on Windows in the new eventcore abstraction layer. This will be tackled ASAP, but is independent from vibe-core itself in terms of code dependencies.

Change logs for vibe.d 0.8.0 (over 0.7.31) and vibe-core 1.0.0 (over vibe-d:core) respectively can be reviewed on GitHub:

Testing can be done by selecting the "vibe-core" configuration of the ":core" sub module:

    // dub.sdl:
    dependency "vibe-d:core" version="~>0.8.0-rc"
    subConfiguration "vibe-d:core" "vibe-core"

    // dub.json:
    "dependencies": {
        "vibe-d:core": "~>0.8.0-rc"
    "subConfigurations": {
        "vibe-d:core": "vibe-core"

The final release is scheduled for Monday unless any regressions come up until them.

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