Am 01.07.2017 um 21:33 schrieb tetyys:
Are you planning/Did you consider to support wildcards in @path attribure when using registerWebInterface?

@path takes a string that is passed as-is to URLRouter, so it supports the limited trailing wildcard ("/foo/*"), as well as the path segment placeholders ("/foo/:bar/"). Arbitrary wildcards are definitely a natural generalization and should also be implemented one day.

Only the implementation is a little bit complicated, because they need to be transformed into the same DFA representation that is used to match placeholders, including mixtures of the two and the appropriate fallbacks if there are multiple partial matches on the way to a full match.

So in the end, because I didn't have a need for this so far and because of the relatively high implementation cost, I don't currently have this on the radar.

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