I'm pleased to announce a new java prototype application that is designed to translate java source into D source. Or any other language that support package, class, interface, and enum constructs and provides a built in memory garbage collection. Supporting D with JavacTo was my first choice!

JavacTo available at:

Please see the "How To use JavacTo.pdf" part of the download package for more information.

This tool is designed to explore the challenges faced in translating from one language to another. For example what type of code is suitable for auto-translation and what code will required complete rewrite? What level of automation can be expected? What java packages should be translated and what packages can be skipped? Are helper classes a good approach in bridging java to other language specific features? These are just a few questions that I've been working on as I've been writing this tool.

I think JavacTo is a good starting point for people who are interested in this topic.

IMHO moving java opensource projects to D has the potential to be an incredible win for the D language/community.


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