Hi all,

I don't know if it is the right place to post that but I wrote a little benchmarking lib [1] in order to learn the D programming language, and also because I was learning Rust at the same time and wanted to be able to compare their performances.

The lib is in part a translation of the Rust benchmarking functionality (which is integrated into the rust compiler) to D.


import std.stdio;
import std.json;

import simplebench;

immutable N = 25;
// Functions to bench
ulong fib_rec(immutable int n){
// Function to bench
ulong fib_for_loop(immutable int n) {

// The proper test function
void test_fib_rec(ref Bencher bencher){
  int n=N; // Init variables, allocate memory ...
      return fib_rec(n); // The real code to bench

void main()
  // The test function have to be static
  static void test_fib_for_loop(ref Bencher bencher){
    int n=N;
        return fib_for_loop(n);

  assert(fib_for_loop(N) == fib_rec(N));
  // Run the benchmarks
  auto br = BenchMain!(test_fib_rec, test_fib_for_loop);
  // Convert the results to JSON


I hesitated to post it as I'm still learning the language but who knows maybe it can be useful for someone (And maybe someone will give me feedback for improvement).

[1] https://github.com/BigEpsilon/simpleBench

PS: I know there is a benchmark function in the standard lib but I found it quite limited.

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