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schrieb Mike <>:

> SVD_to_D is a command-line utility that generates D code from ARM 
> Cortex-M SVD files.
> SVD files are XML files that describe, in great detail, the 
> memory layout and characteristics of registers in an ARM Cortex-M 
> microcontroller. See 
> for a 
> curated list of SVD files for many ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers 
> from various silicon vendeors.
>  From the information in an SVD file, code for accessing the 
> microcontroller's memory-mapped-io registers can be automatically 
> generated, and SVD_to_D does exactly that.

Nice work! SVD seems to be an ARM standard / initiative? I wish there
was something similar for MSP/AVR/PIC controllers.

-- Johannes

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