I would like to say big thanks especially to Ali Cehreli, Adam Ruppe, Oleg Butko, Pavel Chebotarev, Eto Demerzel, Andrey Asyakin and many others guys who helped and motivate me during writting this Book.

The book is *very* raw and unfinished. But main 2 chapter are almost done. Now I do not have time to continue of writting it and I think it's better to publiс it's as-is than to put in table and forgot.

Current MD parser is **incredibly hacky and buggy**. It's based in regex and it's have a lot of bugs. It's needed for generation HTML with table of content from MD.

https://github.com/bubnenkoff/dlang.ru (book is placed there)
url /book now do not work outside from site. You need to go on site and than go to the /book

If anybody can/want to help improve book you are welcome.

P.S. I hope that it will work. I did not tested server. It's also done not very good.

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