On Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at 16:17:57 UTC, SrMordred wrote:
On Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at 15:53:11 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:
On 8/23/2017 7:10 AM, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
It's only if you do something that needs the runtime, such as static ctors, or use the GC.

Or use asserts, or even declare a struct.

No structs in -betterC ???

IIUC, Steven's question was about the need for the `-betterC` switch - in his small example there was no need for it. Walter pointed out that without -betterC using structs cause link-time references to druntime, which are avoided by the use of the `-betterC` switch. Though, one particular thing that doesn't work in `-betterC` w.r.t. structs is RAII. You can still call manually the destructor, but that's a crude hack. Work on RAII for `-betterC` is work in progress.

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