On Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at 14:00:34 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:
One of the reasons people use C is to get that small footprint. This has been a large barrier to C programs making use of D.

Not a better C, but intermediate D has small footprint for me too.
7.5kb totext.exe (encodes stdin to base64 and writes to stdout) - wrote it to put images in xml for opensearch descriptions.
12.5kb retab.exe (retabifies source code with various features)
5.5kb keepower.exe (manages screen saver and power settings because of obnoxious domain policy)
14.5kb fsum.exe (computes various hash sums of a file)

Additional features: string switch, array cast. Also how assert failure works in C? Mine shows a nice formatted message.

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