Delta is a proof of concept to enhance the D Programming Language with the
Delphi ecosystem.

There are 2 scenarios Delta tries to achieve:

- Create your GUI using the Delphi RAD Studio and connect the events with your
    logic written in D.
    The obligatory Hello World sample:

- Use non visual Delphi components in your D code. There are a lot of components
    available for almost every purpose. For example you would be
    able to use the INDY (Internet Direct) components.

In the sample application, the TTimer component is used. This example also shows how to write a wrapper component in D if the component is not already

More information how to start:

- Although Delta is currently only a proof of concept maybe some of you can profit from it.

- The proxy objects on D side (TForm, TTimer, TEdit,...) currently are written manually. Maybe in the future there could be a Delphi unit parser which automatically creates the Delphi & D source proxy objects

- Everytime accessing an Delphi object on D side, a new object is created. I am currently not sure whether this concept will stay

- At the moment Delta targets Windows.

- At the moment the packages are not registered at as the project is in an early state.

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