On Tuesday, 26 September 2017 at 15:20:54 UTC, Vadim Lopatin wrote:
New DlangIDE version is released.

I've only had time to take a quick look, but this IDE seems pretty good. I was surprised at how fast it loaded up, and how it downloaded the dependencies for the sample project on it's own.

The text rendering needs work though. Honestly, I passed this editor up the first time I came across it because of the way the text looks. It reminds me of Visual Studio 2005. I couldn't help but assume the IDE was outdated and probably be abandon-ware.

I would definitely change the default font to the platform-IDE defaults:

Visual Studio: Consolas
XCode: Menlo Regular

Also, FreeType has made improvements lately, and now does a much better job of rendering fonts at small sizes(no so blurry). In particular 2.8.1, which just came out, implements a patent-free substitute for MS style clear-type rendering[1][2].

[1] http://i.imgur.com/nK8Xu.png
[2] https://www.freetype.org/freetype2/docs/reference/ft2-base_interface.html#FT_LOAD_TARGET_LCD

The thick bezels and deep 3D shading make it look retro as well.

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