On Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at 15:24:29 UTC, bitwise wrote:
One small thing though - when you use the LCD/BGR style fonts, you get a mismatch between the font metrics and bitmap size.

So if you're using FT_LOAD_TARGET_LCD, then some of these may be true:

glyph.bitmap_left != (glyph.metrics.horiBearingX >> 6);
glyph.bitmap_top != (glyph.metrics.horiBearingY >> 6);
glyph.bitmap.width != (glyph.metrics.width >> 6);
glyph.bitmap.rows != (glyph.metrics.height >> 6);

The result could be a crash, clipping, or misalignment of glyphs, depending on the assumptions made by your blitting code.

I asked about this on the FT mailing list, and unfortunately, they don't believe that the 1 or 2 pixels of padding added to the bitmap to accommodate the LCD rendering belongs in metrics.

The fix is simply using bitmap_left, bitmap_top, bitmap.width, bitmap.height, instead of the metrics.

I was looking at the commits and saw that you added kerning, so was wondering if you hit this problem.

Thank you for advice.
It looks like I faced this problem when one of fonts was selected for UI.
Will fix.
As well, I see wrong monotype fonts character placement not aligned properly.

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