On Saturday, 16 September 2017 at 19:56:14 UTC, Anton Fediushin wrote:
Hey-hey-hey, I am so excited to announce a brand-new program I just wrote: goinsu!

Just built on my Raspberry Pi 3. Kudos - very fast, not even a warning! Now to get some Docker images and go crazy.

BTW, I got a 14,116 byte executable image with LDC but 1,958,892 with GDC. The GDC image (stripped) is 324,492. I installed reggae on my laptop (debian) and did a "reggae --export". Then using make (with ldc2) I got image of 13,088. Using "dub -b release --compiler=ldc2" (same build as on Raspbian) I get image of 381,928.

How do I do a static linkage using LDC? I need a static because I want to try and run this with an Alpine (arm) Docker image and Alpine is using muslib-c. I once built an Alpine Docker image by hand that built ldc, but it couldn't survive D version/Alpine Os updates.

Thank you so much for this tool!

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