On Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at 12:49:16 UTC, jamonahn wrote:
On Saturday, 16 September 2017 at 19:56:14 UTC, Anton Fediushin wrote:
Hey-hey-hey, I am so excited to announce a brand-new program I just wrote: goinsu!

Just built on my Raspberry Pi 3. Kudos - very fast, not even a warning! Now to get some Docker images and go crazy.


BTW, I got a 14,116 byte executable image with LDC but 1,958,892 with GDC. The GDC image (stripped) is 324,492. I installed reggae on my laptop (debian) and did a "reggae --export". Then using make (with ldc2) I got image of 13,088. Using "dub -b release --compiler=ldc2" (same build as on Raspbian) I get image of 381,928.

Reggae builds goinsu in betterC mode, which removes dependency on the druntime and phobos.

Dub can also build betterC programs, but I decided not to add such flag to dub.json, because betterC is a new thing which can cause problems.

LDC and GDC could have very limited betterC support, so results may vary.

How do I do a static linkage using LDC? I need a static because I want to try and run this with an Alpine (arm) Docker image and Alpine is using muslib-c. I once built an Alpine Docker image by hand that built ldc, but it couldn't survive D version/Alpine Os updates.

You don't have to compile LDC for this. It is possible to compile a static musl and link it together with the goinsu. Take a look at `.travis.yml`, since this is exactly what I am doing to build releases.

Also, do not forget the `errnofix.c`, which is important for static linking.

Reggae does this automatically, you just have to specify static libc you want to link to. Maybe it won't work for RPi though.

I've ordered Raspberry Pi recently, so as soon as I get it I can start hacking on it as well)

Thank you so much for this tool!

You're welcome!

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