On Friday, 20 October 2017 at 14:04:25 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
After a couple of weeks of quiet on the D blog, it's about to get noisy again. The latest is is a post by Mario Kröplin of Funkwerk describing how the company now uses D's built-in tests in their codebase after several years of using third-party frameworks.



Thanks for this post. Personally, I have not really hit the pain points described here, so I learned something. It is a valuable comparison of different unit-testing libraries and which aspects they tackle.

I took the following items from the post:

* Phobos should provide a UnitTestError class, so we can separate expectation libraries (which throw) from execution libraries (which catch). The community is not ready to decide on best library, so we need to try things and this separation would make that easier.

* fluent-asserts is considered the best expectations library. Syntax is `(x + y).should.equal(42).because("of test reasons");` and it gives nice output with code snippets.

* unit-threaded is considered the best execution library, because it shows description strings for each test. The parallelization feature did not work out for the author.

* coverage is not sufficiently solved. The author suggests to reformat code so short-circuit evaluations become multiple lines?

* Fixtures and test parameters do not require special support because builtin features like static foreach are sufficient.

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