On Sunday, 12 November 2017 at 08:04:37 UTC, MGW wrote:
QtE5 - gained further development. The new mechanism of operation with memory is realized that allowed will get rid of crash of applications in case of completion.

The summary code amount increases all the time. New classes from Qt are added.
Now the code amount reached:
        qte5.d                  - 6700 lines
        qte5widgets.cpp - 3500 lines

The considerable efforts are made in development of bitmap graphics, QBitmap, QResource, QPixmap are added and properties for QImage are added.
The operation technique with QPainter is fulfilled.


Hello, i was a bored yesterday and between two movies tried to install it (it was before the announce) and i have to say that it's not clear at all and delete it. The main reason is that i expected the top level dub JSON to produce a kind of static library required by all the examples...so in a nutshell you must provide better instructions before disappointing more people. Sorry.

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