recently i worked on remake of DOS remake of Konami's Knightmare game[0]. the game is playable now, it has music from original MSX Knightmare, and sfx/gfx/levels from DOS remake. it is written in D, of course, and it is FOSS. you can find the sources here[1].

as usual, you'll need my IV modules[2], and Adam's ARSD modules[3].
the code won't work on 64-bit arches, tho (due to some bugs in sdpy/iv). but it can be compiled for 32-bit GNU/Linux, and 32-bit windows.

here is windows binary for those who cannot (or don't want to) build the binary[4].

WARNING! the code is a partial port of old DOS turbo pascal sources, so it is *very* far from something even remotely sane.

it is not polished yet, but that should not stop you! play this excellent classic shooter while it is hot! ;-)

some tech info: arsd.simpledisplay is used for video (with OpenGL backend), arsd.simplesound for audio (with my AY-8910 emulator), iv.vfs for VFS support. as the game designed for 20 FPS, i didn't bother avoiding GC (that is, the engine allocates like crazy).

enjoy, and happy hacking!


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