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Your Mission

Your Track Record

Degree in Computer Science, or closely-related

It baffles me that recruitment still works using this as a requirement. A CS graduate will never know any of these besides basic intro to C, C++, html, css, databases, and basic hardware-software theory... without self learning and practice.

I've never sat in a cs class for a second and I will be bored to death learning these stuff in lectures. I learnt them beyond the syllables years back on my own at a much quicker pase.

You become experienced and skilled when you're passionate about it. Its how I started from being curious about how software is made to a full stack generalist... knowing more stack than the above requirements.

You want skills not pedigree.

Incompetence in hiring and HR is par for the course pretty much everywhere, lots of threads about it on proggit/HN/blogs these days. Take for example the recent sexual harassment scandals in the US, where HR depts did nothing for decades. People rightly complain about much smaller stuff than that not getting done well by HR, so of course they don't handle real malfeasance properly.

The biggest joke is that these companies all claim they want the best talent, when they have no idea what the best is in the first place:


It is one of the main reasons for the rise of open source, because you can't stop anyone from contributing or forking, assuming they have the extra time/money to do so.

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