On Wednesday, 13 December 2017 at 08:42:40 UTC, Suliman wrote:
Is it's possible to produce x64 binaries on Windows x64 without installing Visual Studio? DMD do not have linker for x64.

You could try using the llvm linker, lld, as noted in the release notes for ldc 1.5:

Could you explain hot to do it? Install LLVM? And than how I could specify what linker should be used?

Please, I'm tired of explaining this over and over. From LDC's README.txt: `LDC relies on the MS linker and MSVCRT + WinSDK libs.` The first part isn't actually true anymore, `-link-internally` makes LDC link itself via embedded LLD. **But you still need the Windows and Visual C++ runtime libs.** In the LDC release notes (v1.3 IIRC), you'll find a link to a guide about how to produce Win64 binaries from a Linux host; that'd be applicable on Windows too for people having such a big problem with installing Visual Studio/Build Tools.

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