On Monday, 8 January 2018 at 22:54:06 UTC, rikki cattermole wrote:
Great job.

1) Assembly
2) That file needs to be split up. I can feel the lag as I scroll it.

1) I don't understand :)
2) Done.

On Monday, 8 January 2018 at 22:46:27 UTC, Daniel Kozak wrote:
Wow awesome, it would be nice if you could add it as a dub package ( http://code.dlang.org/publish) to dub repository (http://code.dlang.org)


Github project: https://github.com/rumbu13/decimal
Documentation: http://rumbu13.github.io/decimal/doc/package.html
Dub package: https://code.dlang.org/packages/decimal

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