Have you ever wanted to use D in a project where not everyone had D installed or maybe you wanted to fix the compiler to a specific version?

I typically use a simple Makefile in such cases and download my preferred DMD and LDC version. As others who I have shown this have found this useful, I thought it might be helpful to other people (even so it's pretty straight-forward).

The cool part about this is that you don't have to worry about anything. People can just type `make` and everything works magically.

It's essentially a poor man's version of virtualenv for use cases where people are too lazy to use the install script or auto-env/dir-env can't be used either.

I added a few other common "boilerplate" things (CI integration, CodeCov, Documentation build, linting, ...) to this template:


Happy bootstrapping!

Why not Docker?

Docker is typically used to allow a consistent work environment, but in my use cases Docker isn't available. If you want to use Docker, check out the [D docker images](https://hub.docker.com/r/dlanguage/dmd/).

Additional bonus

Want to use D in a Web IDE?
Use [Cloud9](https://aws.amazon.com/cloud9), clone this repo and run `make` - it will work out of the box.

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