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Thanks! Couldn't seem to get a search to work.

I was hoping the "|" would explain the behavior that I don't understand, but I don't think it does.

The instructions say to just type "make". My understanding is that without a specified target, the topmost target in the Makefile is used. In this case it is "bin", which has no dependencies, and one action - mkdir. I would think that the Makefile would stop after making that directory as no other actions are given and no dependencies were specified. But it doesn't.

`DEFAULT_GOAL` allows to set an explicit target and keep a everything nicely ordered.

Is something not working when you just type `make`?
Or are you just trying to understand how things work?
In the latter case: you don't need to use make, to build your files, I just use it for small projects because it's super easy. Anyhow there are other ways you could use this without needing to dive into make: - as a wrapper - call your actions from a new Makefile target and simply depend on the compiler (that's how I use dub in such projects) - execute `make` as part of your build script. It will fetch the compiler if non-existent and be a no-op otherwise.

What are you planning to do?

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