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An all-D MySQL/MariaDB client library:


Is unix socket connection supported? I'm not seeing any information about it in the docs.

It's not currently supported. From the "Additional Notes" section of the readme:

"Normally, MySQL clients connect to a server on the same machine via a Unix socket on *nix systems, and through a named pipe on Windows. Neither of these conventions is currently supported. TCP is used for all connections."
  - https://github.com/mysql-d/mysql-native#additional-notes

I'm not opposed to it being added, but I'm not aware of what benefit it would provide that would big enough to make it a priority. Also, AFAIK, vibe doesn't offer socket support like it does TCP, so vibe users would loose out on the automatic yield-on-io that's a cornerstone of vibe's concurrency design.

UNIX sockets provide a way to securely connect in an enclosed/isolated environment without exposing connection externally. This is used in my company in our microservice infrastructure on Google Cloud: we connect to our db instance using a proxy and its the recommended approach in microservices.

Its a very common security practice. The default approach on Google Cloud. I would do the same for any db I want to prevent external access to. If vibe.d doesn't support it then its missing a big piece of a puzzle.
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