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Is is just me or did this release just break the latest non-beta vibe.d? Is the Jenkins build testing the dub packages on master
instead of the latest tag?



It's great that there's an issue for vibe.

This doesn't change the fact that right now, somebody trying D for the 1st time with the latest official compiler will get an error if they try out the most popular dub package that I know of if they follow the
instructions on code.dlang.org.

It also doesn't change that I can't upgrade dmd on our CI at work because it can't compile vibe unless I change dozens of dub.sdl files to
use a beta version. This breaks semver!

I found out about this after removing a dependency on stdx.data.json since dmd >= 2.078.0 broke it (by breaking taggedalgebraic. Yes, I filed
a bug.). I can upgrade from 2.077.1 to 2.078.3,but not 2.079.0.

I'd have a snowball's chance in hell convincing anyone at a "regular" company of adopting D if anyone there even imagined any of the above
could happen.

We have to do better than this.


May I make a recommendation? Only upgrade to the 2.0xx.2[.3] releases. You'll have to wait a month or so for the latest features, but by then the important packages will have been upgraded and the regressions (mostly) worked out. It's kind of like the old saying about Microsoft software. "Never use the first version of anything". If we treat the .0 releases as "v1" then it fits. :)

The problem with that is I was waiting for 2.079.0 since it fixes a bug that prevented me from upgrading to any of the 2.078.x releases on Windows.

And then there's the fact that the last time I had issues upgrading gcc or clang was... never.

I'm more than ok with compiler upgrades breaking my code when it was wrong in the 1st place, or with language updates breaking code but making the situation better as a whole. That's not what's been happening to me with the last few versions.


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