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As some of you might know, DWT is a D port of Java's SWT. It is as thus nearly identical and you can use Java's documentation with very little effort - copy/paste of Java examples almost just work as D too.

But, the eclipse docs are meh and besides, it is nice to have the D docs anyway.

Thankfully, there's plenty of documentation comments in the dwt source. Alas, they are javadoc comments. Well, now adrdox knows how to read javadoc (if specifically told to).

I don't have a great entry point to the docs, so it will just go to the Display class... but take a look:


As you click around, you can navigate, see the inheritance trees, and might even notice some of the java.lang namespace in there!


Well, I made a mistake generating these and there's a broken image and link in the header... but the text body looks pretty good!

Any DWT users who can give me feedback on the quality?

This is pretty cool :)

A few comments and comparing with the Javadocs there are a few things missing:

* It doesn't seem to be possible to navigate between the top level packages, i.e. "java" and "org"
* No inheritance chain
* No implemented interfaces
* Only one level of inherited members
* I think it's a bit too much to show the documentation of inherited members, I would just have links to them

/Jacob Carlborg

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