new code-d (D extension for vscode) and serve-d (Language Server Protocol server for it) release

See the CHANGELOG in vscode, or on

Today massive improvements towards windows installation have been made and it should be a lot more painless now.

Big thanks to Mike Franklin for helping me debug the windows installation, making this available very quickly and to p0nce for compiling the windows release because my VM wasn't working for this anymore.

As now the extension is in stable and no longer requires the beta branch a lot of issues have been fixed and old ones which are probably no longer valid closed. If you find any issue please create a new one or reopen if you have an old issue.

Here are some of my personal highlights: - documentation inside autocompletion - import timing - simple implement interface action n/a - everything compiles and installs without reloads or cumbersome dialogs, just install from marketplace, wait for the installation which should be very quick, especially with prebuilt binaries and start coding without any distractions! - dub dependency browser
n/a - automatic insertion of a module statement on rename and file creation

code-d beta and code-d are therefore on the same release right now, but code-d beta will still be continuing to get features early.

eager to hear your feedback, though gonna go to sleep for now.

Planned for next release is internationalizing the final few messages which are in the code-d part, all serve-d parts have already been translated to German and Japanese and are determined by vscode language.

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