On Wednesday, 11 July 2018 at 21:42:45 UTC, yannick wrote:
Hi All,

Since i'll be leaving Tamedia (who sponsored development of Asdf) and it's not under active use anymore here we decided to donate it to libmir.

Asdf has a few nifty features that make it perfect for reading large amounts of json lines and transforming data. For an example use case see je, the json to csv transformer app ( https://github.com/tamediadigital/je )

I still think that it is by far the easiest to use and fastest production grade Json Library for D.
Maybe it should be renamed to reflect that, proposals welcome.


cool to hear that you don't let that library die. I like asdf but I never really had a usecase for it. When using vibe.d I just parse my json using their serializer. Additionally I never have the case of my input being line separated json, for example when reading a dub registry dump it's a 40MB json array where I don't really see application for asdf, or can it also be used with generic arrays that aren't line separated?

Anyway pretty cool library, would definitely use it if I ever see line separated json data in the wild.

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