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> The compiler already has a switch to generate multiple obj files from one
> source file: -multiobj. I use it for debugging. But it would be a royal pain 
> to
> use if there's a lot.

Yes, tried that: because there are sequence dependency on the order of the
object file, one cannot give "foo*.obj", the linker complains lots of
unresolved symbol.

I just wonder if the linker can be changed to be ".obj" order insensitive. Yes,
it's a royal pain to let the user try to figure out the correct ".obj"
sequence, but the linker should have all the information to find the unresolved
symbols in those .objs.

> A better way is to compile to a library with the -lib switch. That splits the
> module into a zillion obj files, and stuffs them all into the library. Then,
> link with the library (the main() program will still have to be separate).

Also tried, when linking with the generated .lib file, it also gives
"Unexpected OPTLINK Termination" error, not sure it's the same one. But I guess


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