What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|.init contains zeroes       |ClassInfo.init contains
                   |                            |zeroes

------- Comment #8 from  2009-02-22 08:09 -------
It wasn't clear to me that this is talking about ClassInfo.init rather than

Non-nullable types do nothing for this problem. Class initialization consists
of three stages:
1. allocate appropriate size
2. memcpy ClassInfo.init to allocated space
3. run constructor

With or without explicit initialization requirements, you could put that
initialization in the constructors. That is going to be slower than copying
bytes in some circumstances. Of course, if there's only a few fields to set,
since the allocator already zeroes out allocated memory, that's less work.

In any case, it will be convenient to have ClassInfo.init, for doing various
There Be Dragons things.


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