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Workaround patch: make endless iteration not an error.

Please note: this patch does not fix this bug.

I suggest dropping the assert for iter, and instead treating it the same as the
clock timeout.  While this makes this class of bug less discoverable, I propose
that it's better that it compiles - at least some functions will be optimized.

Regarding this bug - it keeps moving an equation to optimize it, so each time
the loop runs it's got more changes.  Unfortunately, the innards of the backend
are still a bit beyond me, so I can't see why.

Note that the second call to pointer.clear() can be a call to another method,
on the same struct, as long as that method does something (anything.)

Also, reducing the size of the static array below 3 (or making it dynamic)
solves it, but a bigger one still dies.  Changing the code within clear() to
any other operation also solves it.  And the struct has to be within a class,
returned from a method.



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