Don <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|ICE(go.c) compiling a big   |ICE(go.c) array assignment
                   |program with -O -inline     |through a pointer, only
                   |-release                    |with -O.

--- Comment #5 from Don <>  2009-05-20 06:49:00 PDT ---
Here's a slightly reduced test case, which only requires -O (doesn't need
-inline -release), and ICEs on both D1 and D2. On D2, you still get an ICE if
you remove all references to the class, and just set S2773* pointer = &dat.

struct S2773{
  int[4] data;    

S2773 dat;

class C2773 {
  S2773* get()    {  return &dat;  }

void main()
  C2773 inst = null;
  S2773* pointer = inst.get();[] = 0;[] = 0;

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