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> (WTF it's completely unnecessary to put
> all these corporate trademark tags in a bug report ;)

I was just giving the full CPU name string from the genuine(TM) Windows Control

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> IIRC oplink is threaded and might have CPU count detection so it might have a
> bug for >2 cores. It's old enough that it might never have been tested on 4
> cores.

When I link using "link.exe" instead of "dmd.exe", it returns 0, so the origin
of the problem is in "dmd.exe".

dmd.exe  -g -debug    -IC:\dmd\src\phobos  -c hello.d -ofobj\debug\hello.obj
echo %errorlevel%
link.exe obj\debug\hello.obj
echo %errorlevel%

(both return 0)


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