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> DMD generates an unhandled win32 exception when successfully compiling an exe
> from a set of object files. It has occurred over a wide variety of code and on
> multiple systems (Core 2 duo, Corde 2 quad and AMD dual core) and OS (XP,
> Vista) and has also occurred with the command shell's is limited to a single
> processor. The error is stochastic, though is almost always generated and
> occurs both on file creation and overwrite. It appears to not happen on first
> use, but does happen on subsequent uses (i.e. it may occur only when the file
> system is warmed up). Only occurs with relative exe pathnames, not with
> absolute path names. 
> Test cases derived from the Code::Blocks D program template
> doesn't work
> dmd.exe bin\Release\HelloWord.exe  obj\Release\hello.obj
> seemed to work on 2.029, but not 2.030
> dmd.exe bin\HelloWord.exe  obj\Release\hello.obj
> works in 2.030
> dmd.exe HelloWord.exe  obj\Release\hello.obj
> works
> dmd.exe c:\really\long\path\bin\HelloWord.exe  obj\Release\hello.obj

I spoke too soon. More test cases

dmd.exe HelloWord.exe  obj\Release\hello.obj obj\Release\b.obj
occationaly fails if the root directory is deep.

dmd.exe c:\dmd\Test.exe  obj\Release\hello.obj obj\Release\b.obj   dfl.lib 
Fails even if the root directory shallow. dfl.lib is located in

dmd.exe c:\dmd\HelloWord.exe  
fails if the root directory is long and many obj/lib files are included

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