--- Comment #9 from Christian Kamm <>  
2009-05-16 05:54:34 PDT ---
I've updated the patch. Treating overloads correctly complicated the issue
quite a bit. What I've done is to store the import protection in the
AliasDeclarations and FuncAliasDeclarations generated by selective and renamed
imports. These are then ignored when traversing the overload tree if they are
in a different module than the one initiating the traversal.

That means, however, that overload resolution needs to know which module is
triggering it and has led to a lot of module passing. :/

I've also made the hiding of private symbols in ScopeDsymbol::search specific
to AliasDeclarations generated by ImportStatement. Making the protection
attributes apply consistently to more than Func- and VarDecls is a separate

The LDC changesets are:
I can make a patch against DMD if requested.

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